Bermuda | June 2016

Bermuda is something else. The waters are that deep, ideal turquoise color you see in stock photography. The houses are trickled all around the island donning white roofs and pastel exteriors. The residents are warm and vibrant. There are 3 main roads, and that is it. Try not to think about the fact that you're on this tiny island in the middle of a gigantic ocean.

My style of travel is walking, eating and exploring - not so much lay on a hammock for 8 hours sleeping getting a sick burn. So thankfully I had a reason to come here. A good friend of mine was getting married. She’s from St. Louis, and he’s from England. Bermuda, naturally, was the half way point. Our days were spent on a catamaran, going down into the caves, drinking in town, and celebrating the thing we call love.

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