Currently a content producer, and I mostly get to endlessly scroll and look for amazing photos that will go on social media and blogs articles. Other times I get the chance to work on concept development and collaborate with teams.


I mostly get to endlessly scroll and curate photos that will go on social media, email and blog articles. I collaborate with copywriters, designers and strategists and execute on campaigns from concept development to the moment it goes live.


Challenge: Instagram is a mixed bag of yesterday's coffee, friday night's selfie and tomorrow's flight. How can Orbitz's feed attract more followers while not looking like every other travel company?  | 2015-present

Solution: i Curated images from user generated content (trover and the branded #orbitzpic) and stock imagery to create a cohesive yet unique feed. CLick on thumbnail to expand.

shout out to all the talented photographers who tag
#orbitzpic and are on trover!

Expedia Partner Conference, Dec. 2018

Challenge: create a sizzle reel to introduce a presentation about how social media influences travel decision making | 2018

Solution: weaving data, imagery and past campaigns together, I worked alongside copywriters and designers to tell a story about why social media matters in the traveler’s path to purchase.

Organic social 

Challenge: Create work to engage, inspire and connect with audience. |  2015-present

Solution: Be funny. Be relatable. gain followers.

One example is our #guiltyofthat series.  it was our way of expressing relatable travel scenarios. I took the copy lines and made them into simple posters with the hashtag in Orbitz blue.

CLick on thumbnail and go, ‘ lol. same.’

Disney media tour

Challenge: create content of Disney World to showcase their new rides and attractions.

Solution: I traveled with our PR team in 2016 on the Disney Media Tour and documented their new attractions. We used these images throughout social media and blog articles (also written by me).
Click on thumbnails to experience disney up close

May the 4th be with YOu: A look into the Star Wars’ experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s newest summer attractions

Rover partnership

Challenge: Finding a pet sitter is a top reason stopping people from traveling. Orbitz partnered with Rover to help those out. How do we promote this organically on social?

Solution: For our site activation at the fairmont santa monica, i documented the day. these photos were leveraged for social media, articles, landing page and email campaigns.

Click on thumbnails to see how adorable these dogs are

GIFs and Stickers

Challenge: Further drive brand distinction on social media and keep brand top of mind throughout traveler's journey. | 2018

Solution: i had an idea of a fun and accessible way for travelers to show brand enthusiasM throughout their entire trip on social media channels, like instagram stories. leading the production and implementation, i collaborated with our designers who helped brainstorm and create. go ahead, search "orbitz" in gifs on instagram stories! 

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Shout out to designers, Becky Wardinski and Rebecca Lo!


Orbitz Rebrand

Challenge: In 2018 we went through a much needed rebrand. Our agency, Havas, paved the way with new guidelines. In the photography section, the new style would take on a ‘first person perspective.’ Finding images that are immersive and bring you into the scene rather than a far viewer. How does this translate into our products (ie car, flight, hotel)?

Solution: Taking it a step forward, I wanted to dig deeper and figure how to interpret the new ‘first person perspective’ style into our products and themes with hard examples. I took into consideration where we use photos: social media, email banners, product pages, etc and how text would fit. Following the layout of the deck, I curated images for each section into a collage and a this/not that format. When I search, I want to pull photos that not only fit the style, but draw you in emotionally in every phase of the traveler’s journey – not just at your destination.

see some of the slides above

Paris campaign

Challenge: Drive audiences to a Paris centered landing page using Facebook's canvas ad. | 2017

Solution: i led the concept development alongside our copywriter. we took existing blog content and remixed it with new imagery and illustration to fit into this ad format.

Middle Seat Selfie*

Challenge: Promote campaign on snapchat. include campaign details and sweepstakes. | 2017

Solution: Use user generated content and snapchat features to make it as native as possible so user keeps watching. i developed the concept, worked with our copywriter and executed the final assets.

*Snapchat ended up using this as a case study

Valentine’s Day

Challenge: Create a post bringing travel and valentine’s day to drive engagement | 2016

Solution: Working with our copywriter and strategist, we took the hype of dating apps and developed a roulette of potential destination matches where users could screenshot to find their match.

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